Cleaning Tools

Newell Rubbermaid approached Creata DesignWorks with an opportunity to collaborate on developing a new line of bathroom cleaning tools.

This new product line needed to embody everything the Rubbermaid brand represents - innovative, high-quality products that help simplify life. 

Creata DesignWorks took responsibility of executing the bathroom cleaning tools that the Rubbermaid marketing, engineering, and design teams had realized would succeed in a competitive market. Using design and engineering resources in the US and China, a 24 hour development cycle was established to deliver production ready designs in an exceptional time frame.

Three products have launched into the market, all with unique functions, high quality, and designs that can be recognized as Rubbermaid from across a store.

2-in-1 Scrubber: An all-purpose scrubber with ergonomic design. This brush includes a detail brush stored cleverly inside the handle for those hard to access areas.

Flexible Scrub Brush: An all-purpose scrubber that has a unique flexing head to clean curves and contours. With the push of a button, you can also lock the brush into a flat position for all purpose surface cleaning.

Extendable Scrubber: Helps clean hard to reach areas such as shower walls, garden tubs, and around the toilet using an extendable pole with a robust latch mechanism. The scrub brush head seamlessly detaches for close-up jobs requiring extra leverage.