Command Bath

3M's Command brand business teamed with Creata DesignWorks to establish a sustainable presence in the bath category with an expanded, refreshed global product line. 

Challenge: Scrap all existing design elements and reinvent a Command Bath line that would appeal to a global market. This new product line needed to capitalize on the Command strip technology while being cost competitive and a must-have to the consumer.

The DesignWorks team of industrial designers and engineers took to action creating numerous product lines incorporating unique styling elements with optimal performance. The DesignWorks team worked in lock-step with 3M's design, engineering, and marketing team to continuously refine and improve the product line based on the feedback of their global consumer research. The final product line resulted in a soft, organic style with elements taken from nature such as the sea shell and sun burst. The style was seamlessly incorporated into over 15 unique bath items, all prepared to compete in the market with beautiful aesthetics, optimal function, and cost competitiveness.

The journey from sketch to the final product line required Creata DesignWorks' turn-key capabilities including industrial design, engineering design, prototype tooling, product testing, and cost analysis. 

The product line has established a sustainable presence in the bath category and continues to grow with continued roll-outs from the portfolio established by Creata DesignWorks and 3M's collaboration.