Computing Cart

Rubbermaid Healthcare teamed with Creata DesignWorks to design the next generation, non-powered mobile computing cart. This next generation cart needed to enter their product portfolio as a more cost effective option in both manufacturing and retail price. This new product needed to be light in weight (actual & perceived) and cover core functionality for clinical documentation. It was required that the computer cart be ergonomic for the user while aesthetically following the Rubbermaid Healthcare design language.

Creata DesignWorks was responsible for taking Rubbermaid's prior art and revolutionizing the product to meet the specific targets. DesignWorks incorporated new innovations into the final CAD and engineering documents that were ultimately used by Rubbermaid to launch production. Creata also used its Asian resources to produce prototypes to validate function and aesthetics prior to production start.

The M40 Mobile Computing Cart is now a staple in the Rubbermaid Healthcare product portfolio.