Infusion Pump

Creata DesignWorks partnered with start-up medical company mobiLIFE to launch their innovative mobiDRIP Infusion Pump system.

mobiDRIP is a reusable ambulatory infusion pump which is low cost, easy to use, highly accurate, and portable. This unique drug infusion device provides a pre-determined, constant flow rate of IV solution. The ease of use and increased accuracy of the device makes it suitable for nutritional therapy, oncology, IV pain therapy, and continuous antibiotics for infection control.

Creata DesignWorks is the Asian manufacturing arm of mobiLIFE, providing the plastic housing for the mobiDRIP device as well as the custom neoprene Carry Bag.

Creata DesignWorks and mobiLIFE continue to collaborate on next generation products and new innovations.