Creata DesignWorks is a product development division within Creata that provides complete solutions from ideation to production. Our holistic approach to product development has earned us an exceptional reputation for delivering innovative, cost effective, and reliable products within an incredibly fast development cycle. Our unmatched speed to market lies in our ability to provide realistic design concepts up-front and execute the final solution using our turn-key resources. Our team of researchers, industrial designers, and engineers always work in close collaboration with our clients as a natural extension of their team, whether a Fortune 500 company or a start-up.


Industrial Design

Creata DesignWorks goes beyond the aesthetics. Our industrial designers bridge initial concepts to final products through the integration of business, human, and technical factors. They are involved with every project from conceptual design to final detailed design. They implement features, functions, and forms that will inspire the user's emotional connection to the product. Specifically, the design team brainstorms, sketches, renders, and prototypes based on the study of the client's brief, consumer needs, market analysis, available technologies, and manufacturing feasibility.

Digital Sculpting

Creata DesignWorks has perfected the digital sculpting process with the help of its world class sculptors, state of the art software/hardware, and integrated 24 hour global operation. Digital sculpts allow for design reviews, such as licensor and safety, to take place in the earliest possible stage of the product design. Any modifications then can be completed without constructing a physical model. This drastically shortens timelines and improves overall design quality. In every sculpting job, Creata DesignWorks sculptors are required not only to maximize the aesthetics of the object or character, but also consider tooling, manufacturing, and assembly requirements. 


Product engineering means a complete picture of a product from initial sketch to production. Our engineers are experienced and knowledgeable in materials, mechanisms, electro-mechanical and electronics systems, CAD/FEA modeling, prototyping, tooling, and production. They work side by side with designers to realize a product that exceeds the design intent in function, aesthetics, cost, and manufacturability. Creata DesignWorks engineers manage the entire project. They brainstorm with cross-functional teams, communicate with clients and suppliers, and supervise tooling and production. This ensures the intent of the design is realized as an innovative, robust product in the hands of consumers.


Prototypes validate a design and provide powerful insights at all levels of the product's evolution. We use prototypes very early on in the development cycle and have skills to produce simple to very complex models. We possess in-house prototyping facilities that allow us to act quickly and shorten prototype lead-times. Options include: mechanical models, visual models (foam or solid), 3D printed models, prototype tooling, custom electronics, validation testing, and small volume prototype runs.


Creata DesignWorks provides world class expertise in electronics. We provide custom IC development, circuit design, and overall program development. We've developed and incorporated custom electronics in a variety of products such as: toys, interactive games, personal care devices, cosmetics, e-cigarettes, medical devices, appliances, POP/POS displays, and packaging. With the explosion of technology in today's world, custom electronics can allow a product to stand alone in the market.