Tag Body Shots

Gillette approached Creata DesignWorks with the desire to change the way they developed products. They sought a world-class innovator with expertise at new product design, development, cost  effectiveness, speed to market, and product innovation. 

The challenge was to develop a new package format that delivered their Tag brand body spray in a small portable format. In addition, the product needed to include a customization element by inserting different fragrances via mini aerosol canisters.

Creata DesignWorks was chosen to lead the project. Just over ten months later, Gillette had an award-winning product on the market.

Our turn-key capabilities were demonstrated in full for the Tag Body Shots project. The project began as a variety of innovative concepts that were shaped by industrial design, engineering, and manufacturing insight into the final product. Creata DesignWorks continued into production using our established supply chain and delivered over 10MM units to the market.

TAG Body Shots became the 2006 HBA International Award Winner in the Mass Distribution Personal Care category.